3G/4G LTE 24dBi Outdoor Parabolic Antenna 900/1800/2100MHz

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QuPanel LTE HP SISO, 10m cable

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QuPanel LTE HP SISO, 5m cable

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Detailed description

The antenna has been specially designed for the Internet access service in the different LTE networks. This dual antenna ensures correct operation and the best performance of LTE 1800 MHz, HSPA 900MHz, UMTS 2100MHz. It is characterized by excellent performance in the 900-1800-2100 MHz band. The antenna is not deformed with temperature fluctuations and is perfect solution for customers at long distances from the base station.
The use of an antenna connected to the modem allows to significantly increase the transmission speed by increasing the signal level. The antenna's radiator is made in microstrip technology from high-quality materials, the antenna is fully resistant to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation.
The kit includes a parabolic dish antenna and a reflector.

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