5G Ready Antennas

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5G technology allows up to 100 times faster internet speeds than 4G

The next-Gen wireless network is here, and it’s already making a revolutionary difference in the data transfer world. In the telecommunication industry, 5G is the 5th generation technology standard that greatly increases cellular network speeds compared to its predecessor. Its theoretical peak speeds of 20 Gbps greatly exceed most wired connections and allow for ultra-low 1ms or lower latency times, which is especially needed by applications that require real-time feedback. Its deployment began worldwide back in 2019 and is estimated to reach 1,7 billion users by 2025.

MIMO, Iskra, and QuPanel 5G antennas

Most QuPanel antennas we have in our shop are backward compatible with 3G and 4G and are ideal to improve cellular network signal in suburban and rural areas. Due to the very wide working frequency range, it’s a universal antenna for 5G bands and is compatible with Teltonika routers and modems.  Weatherproof MIMO antennas are made using microstrip technology and high-quality materials and are the only dual antennas of this type on the market. These antennas are tuned to the latest technology for 5G LTE frequencies of 700 - 800 MHz.