Our company has been actively growing and developing for 16 years. We have created a new adaptive website based on the latest IT technologies to provide the best high-tech service for our customers.


Getic offers quality, yet affordable IT equipment for any set up. We make sure each customer receives friendly and professional support and gets items delivered swiftly by our trusted partners.

The essence of our brand

We sell the newest high-tech equipment
We professionally, yet simply explain and present useful, complex technical information
We help customers make the best and most beneficial choices

Our Vision


A global presence to provide the best high-tech service that’s beneficial for every customer.


We will quickly process your order and respond to any questions along the way. Express delivery options are available to any destination.
We seek honesty in our relationships with customers and partners, just like we do among other employees inside the company. Transparency and openness are our brand priorities.
We sell equipment from trustworthy brands only, which means we can guarantee the quality of their products. Secure packaging, reliable delivery and warranty service are highlighted in many positive reviews from our customers.
High tech
We always aim for convenience, simplicity and ease of use. Therefore we implement high-tech tools in both, e-commerce products and internal processes.
Long-term partnerships are the ones of value, so we seek those with our customers, partners and colleagues. Our individual approach helps us build strong and mutually beneficial relationships that last for years.
We want customers to enjoy each interaction with our brand, be it a purchase, professional tech support or just a short chat. Personalized approach to customers, partners and colleagues is something that defines our company.
Courage is required for any innovation or break-through; without it our company would not exist. Courage is something that we add to everything we do.

Our Mission

To provide a high-tech service
along with a great selection of
equipment, to help our customers
reach their goals.

Name and logo

Our name and logo are based on such concepts as: speed, energy, request, getting, simplicity, brevity, logic, high technology and automation.

The logo reflects ease, flexibility, rise, dynamics, flight, direction, swing, courage, victory, heroism, and a successful result.

The new brand colours simultaneously convey the energy of adventure and the wisdom of accumulated knowledge. They symbolize optimism, freedom, change, self-expression and creativity, independence, understanding, individuality, harmony and tranquility.

We are incredibly grateful that over the past year more than 150 000 customers have trusted us and chose to buy necessary equipment directly from us. We plan to actively develop a high-tech and easy-to-use e-commerce service available to customers all around the globe.