QuMax XR2 Bi-Directional Kit for RUTX12

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2X LTE directional antennas + dual band Wi-Fi antenna + Bluetooth antenna + space to install Teltonika RUTX12



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Set of two separate eXtra Range LTE directional antennas for bi-directional connection to two different LTE base stations. The main antenna has integrated also dualband Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth antennas and space to install Teltonika RUTX12. The second antenna is only directional LTE XR antenna.
The QuMax XR2 a is bi-directional LTE eXtra Range antenna set (two separate antenna) two connect to two different LTE base station (it can also be connected to one base station in order to obtain a greater share of the transfer from that base station). The main antenna additionally has built-in Wi-Fi dual band , GPS and Bluetooth antennas, 2x Nf connectors for the second LTE antenna and a space to install the RUTX12 router inside antenna enclosure. The second antenna is LTE Extra Range directional antenna only and is in smaller enclosure. The QuMax XR2 set is dedicated to long-range connections from the LTE base station, also to two different base stations, which gives optimal use of functions such as load balancing and carrier aggregation.

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