4G Indoor Antennas

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MikroTik IoT antenna for LTE/LoRa
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3G/4G LTE 5dBi Indoor Omni Antenna
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304 pcs in stock
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Do you need to extend the wireless 4G range and make it faster?

In the data-hungry digital world of today, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of never-ending products seemingly designed to serve the same purpose. The same applies to the different number of indoor wireless antennas available on the market today. For that reason, we have selected the best wireless antennas for every possible range and option you might require to satisfy your Wi-Fi needs. We have all strengths of Wi-Fi antennas, so if your current set-up is lacking in range, you’ve come to the right place.

A good antenna can have a huge impact on your connection speeds

If you’re not satisfied with your current data streaming capabilities, check out our catalog of indoor wireless antennas. Having the right antenna might help you increase your wireless range as well as speed up your internet connection by a big margin. All antennas come with industry-standard connectors, made with premium materials that allow establishing a seamless data stream back and forth. We have a range of omnidirectional antennas, as well as a 4G weatherproof outdoor antenna in our store.