AirFiber 60 XG

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60GHz PtP Bridge, 5 GHz backup radio, 4+ km range, integrated GPS, Bluetooth management



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4+ km, multi-gigabit, 60 GHz bridge with SFP+ support

The airFiber 60 XG (AF60 XG) is a 60 GHz point-to-point (PtP) bridge with a built-in, 5 GHz backup radio. The AF60 XG delivers low-interference, low-latency throughput, making it an ideal component for carrier backhaul. It also features integrated GPS and a Bluetooth management radio to simplify setup and configuration.

UISP application support

Bluetooth-powered setup via the UISP Mobile app is available. Thanks to UISP app you can centrally manage your networks and clients with ease. Simply organize your clients' plans, setup billing and invoicing, and grow your customer base. UISP application allows viewing network topology, advanced data analytics, quickly set up devices and manage them on the go with a powerful mobile app.
Managed with the UISP application (previously UNMS): Version 1.4.3 and later. Managed with the UISP Mobile app: Version 2.19 and later (iOS/ Android)
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