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Alfa WiFi Camp Pro3 Mini
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Alfa WiFi Camp Pro3 Mini

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Alfa WiFi Camp-Pro 2 v2
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Alfa WiFi Camp-Pro 2 v2

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Alfa WiFi CampPro 3

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Alfa WiFi CampPro Nano

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’On the go’ Wi-Fi solutions

If you’re looking for a solution for staying connected on the road, you might find that there’s an abundance of products available on the market today. With the right gear, it is now possible to stay connected almost anywhere. We understand that for many people, staying connected whilst travelling is absolutely crucial, that’s why we selected a number of what we think are the best products on the market today. If you’re looking for an easy setup and a reliable data connection, look no further than our catalog of wireless kits.

Complete Alfa Wi-Fi kits for the road

Alfa Wi-Fi kits feature a user-friendly design, effortless installation, and allow you to extend, and share data with multiple users. Capable of high-speed data transfer of up to 150Mbts, tuned to 2.4GHz MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) frequency bands provide a wide-range coverage in and around your home or RV. Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro is a complete Wi-Fi kit, and it comes with an instruction manual and all the necessary components, allowing you to set it up quickly and with minimum effort involved.