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MikroTik LtAP mini

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MikroTik LtAP mini LTE kit

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Alfa WiFi Camp-Pro 2 v2

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Connectivity solutions for the automotive industry

There are several ways to get a good internet connection while you’re out camping or out in the sea in your boat. With the combination of a good antenna and a good router, you can get internet even when the 4G tower is some good length away from your location. In our GETIC store, we feature various 4G LTE connectivity solutions for the vehicle industry - different components for custom setups as well as ready kits for easy installation and deployment for better efficiency in low signal situations in the countryside.

Connect your fleet with 4G LTE kits

If you’re looking for a mobile internet solution for your vehicle fleet, we have a number of LTE kits available on our website. Small but powerful MikroTik LtAP Mini kits feature integrated LTE antennas and miniPCI-e slots, giving you the option of installing an LTE modem of your choice. Whereas LtAP LTE 6 is the perfect off-the-grid solution that comes with a built-in CAT6 cellular modem that supports 4G connectivity. It really is a powerful LTE connectivity solution, capable of connecting you to the rest of the world in difficult-to-reach remote places.