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Avoid internet downtime and lost productivity by adding a UniFi LTE Pro to your existing UniFi network.

The UniFi LTE Pro (U-LTE-Pro) from Ubiquiti Networks is an advanced failover solution designed to provide unwavering internet connectivity, ensuring that businesses and critical services remain online even when primary wired connections fail. This cutting-edge device represents a pivotal component in Ubiquiti's comprehensive UniFi ecosystem, known for its robust performance, reliability, and seamless integration capabilities. The U-LTE-Pro is engineered to keep your network resilient, providing a secure and high-speed cellular LTE backup connection that automatically kicks in whenever your primary internet connection goes down.
At the heart of the UniFi LTE Pro's design is its compatibility with LTE-Advanced, offering impressive data speeds that can support critical business operations without noticeable disruption. This capability ensures that operations such as point-of-sale transactions, VoIP communications, and remote access to network resources can continue to function efficiently, minimizing potential losses and downtime that can occur during an internet outage.
The device features dual SIM slots, providing an additional layer of redundancy. This design allows users to install SIM cards from different service providers, ensuring that if one carrier experiences an outage or poor coverage, the device can switch to an alternative carrier to maintain connectivity. This feature is particularly beneficial for locations prone to service interruptions or where network coverage is inconsistent.
Installation and integration of the U-LTE-Pro into existing networks are remarkably straightforward, thanks to its seamless compatibility with the UniFi ecosystem. The device can be easily managed via the UniFi Network Controller, a centralized interface that allows for comprehensive control over your UniFi devices and network settings. This integration not only simplifies the deployment of the U-LTE-Pro but also enables network administrators to monitor the health and status of the LTE connection, set preferences for failover activation, and review data usage statistics in real-time.
The U-LTE-Pro is designed with enterprise-grade security standards to ensure that your data remains protected, even when transmitted over cellular networks. This includes advanced encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard sensitive information against potential threats and unauthorized access.
U-LTE-Pro boasts a compact and durable design, making it suitable for installation in a wide range of environments without requiring much space. Its external antennas enhance signal reception and performance, ensuring reliable connectivity even in areas where cellular signals might be weak. The device is also powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE), which simplifies cabling and allows for flexible deployment options.
UniFi LTE Pro (U-LTE-Pro) from Ubiquiti Networks is an essential failover solution that guarantees continuous internet connectivity for businesses and critical applications. With its high-speed LTE-Advanced support, dual SIM redundancy, easy integration with the UniFi ecosystem, robust security features, and compact design, the U-LTE-Pro is an ideal choice for any organization seeking to mitigate the risks associated with internet downtime.

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Mobile Network Generation
2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE)
4G (LTE)
LTE Category
Cat4 – 150Mbps/50Mbps
Cat4 – 150Mbps/50Mbps
Ethernet Ports
2 x 1 Gbps
2 x 1 Gbps
PoE Out Ports
1 x Passive PoE
Ethernet, Wi-Fi
74 Kc MIPS Processor at 775 MHz
74 Kc MIPS processor at 775 MHz
128 MB
128 MB
Max Power Consumption
8.5 W
9 W
Mobile Network Generation2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE)
4G (LTE)
LTE Category Cat4 – 150Mbps/50Mbps
Cat4 – 150Mbps/50Mbps
Ethernet Ports 2 x 1 Gbps
2 x 1 Gbps
PoE Out Ports
1 x Passive PoE
Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Chipset 74 Kc MIPS Processor at 775 MHz
74 Kc MIPS processor at 775 MHz
128 MB
Max Power Consumption8.5 W
9 W

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