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RouterBoard M11G
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Alfa HaLow Raspberry Pi HAT module
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Embedded RouterBoards for custom routers

RouterBoard or an embedded router is an internal component or hardware that was designed with different configurations and different network setups in mind. Originally designed to fit their official dedicated router enclosures, they can also be easily integrated into other setups giving you the freedom of customizing your network to fit your particular networking needs. These products come in a number of different hardware options and can be easily exchanged and replaced with new and more advanced models whenever required.

RouterBoards from MikroTik

We have different RouterBoard options available from MikroTik. RouterBoard 450Gx4 features a 4 core 716MHz CPU, 1 GB RAM as well as 5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports. The 5th Ethernet Port serves also as a POE out. MikroTik RBM33G has a two-core CPU running at 880 MHz and 256 MB of DDR3 RAM and has 3 Gigabit ports and was designed for setups that require two 3G/LTE modems. RouterBoard M11G comes with a MediaTek dual-core processor clocked at 880 MHz and features a Mini PCIe slot, giving you the option of installing a Wi-Fi module of your choice.