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Ubiquiti Mobile Router
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Ubiquiti Mobile Router Industrial
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Ubiquiti UniFi LTE Pro

U-LTE-Backup Pro
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Increasing productivity with the most advanced LTE tech

It goes without saying that we live in a digital world where the ability to both save time and money is crucial, especially if you want to stay in front of the competition. Nowadays, mobile internet quality is more important than ever, especially if you desire to have a smoothly running enterprise. Here in GETIC, we believe that this can be easily achieved by having the right products. Thanks to the advancements in modern LTE technology, the internet connection is more reliable than ever, continuing to provide a range of invaluable advantages to businesses and households alike.

Enjoy the benefits of a strong wireless connection

An uninterruptible connection is an essential feature that helps you achieve smooth network dynamics and, in turn, increase your operational productivity. Network products should be easy to install and run, and they should be able to provide a fast and secure connection. Most importantly, the products should have a highly competitive price, making them easily accessible for everyone. Our LTE range from Ubiquiti will help you achieve exactly that and more. These products are easy to deploy as they feature an intuitive single interface management GUI that allows for fast network implementation and user-friendly operation right out of the box.