Teltonika RUTX10 WiFi Router

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Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 717 MHz, Dual Band WiFi 5 802.11ac, 256MB RAM, 4xGigabit Ethernet ports, RutOS, Wave-2 802.11ac



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12 month




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Next generation enterprise router
Next-Generation Teltonika Enterprise router, equipped with the Dual Band WiFi 5 802.11ac and a Bluetooth LE module. Perfect for Small office or Public sector applications. High speed WiFi connectivity allows companies to transition into all-wireless office settings.
Teltonika created RUTX10 Enterprise module specially for small to mid-size office application. It comes with Dual Band WiFi 5 802.11ac, that is extremely important for high data transmission and lag-free browsing experience. RUTX10 has all the latest security features and ability to monitor and control your office data usage remotely.
Highly customizable RutOS is at the soul of RUTX10, but it’s actually synergy between hardware and software that makes this device perfect performer in enterprise solutions. Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 717 MHz CPU is more than enough for VPN functionality and if what offered is not enough there is 256 MBytes Flash memory to install additional protocols.
RUTX10 now has Mesh and Fast Roaming standards. The wireless security technology is upgraded with WPA3. There is also a possibility to give LTE functions, by connecting LTE modem using USB.

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