Symmetrical Horn Sector Antenna 60°, 2x N-Female

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Game Changing Sector Antenna

Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class Gen2 is a scalar horn with the same size of main beam in horizontal and vertical planes, equipped with N-female connectors. RF Elements horn antennas address major weaknesses of mainstream sector antenna technologies and provide excellent noise rejection, network scalability, and throughput improvement.
Approved by tens of thousands of installations all around the globe, RF elements Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class Antennas are the new standard for fast and sustainable wireless.

Unique Beam Performance

Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 has a unique beam shape and properties. The main beam cross-section is circular: azimuth and elevation beam widths are identical.

No Side Lobes

Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 has no side lobes, it focuses energy into a single beam. This property saves the most important resource in the world of wireless communication - spectrum. As a result of the unique radiation properties, the radio collects and propagates significantly less noise compared to current mainstream sector antennas. The noise problem is directly connected to the side lobes of an antenna - practically, an unavoidable feature of most competitive products. Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 behaves differently, it is essentially "deaf" outside the main beam.

Wideband Performance

The radiation pattern of Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 is frequency independent, and its gain is stable over the whole bandwidth of operation. These features make Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 excellent sector antennas.

Excellent Gain Across Spectrum

Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 Antenna covers ultra-wide bandwidth: 5180-6400 MHz! At the same time, gain is stable over the whole band.

Coverage Without Null

Mainstream sector antennas have a radiation pattern that is wide in azimuth but flat in elevation plane. If an AP is too high, customers that are positioned too close will suffer from low AP signal.

Breakthrough Scalability

Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 facilitates breakthrough scalability of wireless networks. Unique beam performance and great co-location characteristics allow for higher density sectors, compared to traditional sector technology.
Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 features precise main beam widths, spanning from 30 to 90 degrees: a range of models suitable for any situation.

N-type Connectors

Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class Antennas feature N-type female connectors, used with wide range of Radios. For example, Mimosa™, Cambium Networks™ PMP450, LigoWave™, and many others. Users of UBNT™ Rocket M5 Titanium, MikroTik™ connectorized radios (NetBox™, BaseBox™ and NetMetal™) can also utilize coaxial ports on Carrier Class Symmetrical Horn Antennas.

Compact Size

Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 Antenna is compact, with only 20-25% footprint of traditional sector antennas. Compact size saves tower rental fees, and makes it possible to install Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 Antenna where regular sectors would not be allowed due to their shape and size.

Robust and Durable

Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 has solid aluminium body, built to last and resist any weather conditions. RF Elements use only the best materials: die-cast, stamped, and extruded aluminium; high quality polypropylene, UV resistant polycarbonate; and stainless steel hardware.

Seven Different Radiation Angles

Symmetrical Horn CC Gen2 Antennas offer a wide selection of seven different radiation angles covering 30° - 90° with 10° steps. This worldwide unique feature allows network builders to follow the golden rule of wireless networking: to choose the right antenna for the particular job.
While competitors limit their offering to literally a couple of sector antennas, RF elements provides a wide selection of coverage patterns, so you can achieve sector coverage exactly as you need it. This is an essential base for increasing throughput and scaling your wireless networks.

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