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2.4/5GHz Omni Antenna 3dBi
61 pcs in stock
30° Asymmetrical Beam Antenna, TwistPort
11 pcs in stock
5GHz Omni Antenna 5dBi
6 pcs in stock
Array Sector Antenna 100°, 2x RP-SMA
4 pcs in stock
Asymmetrical Beam Antenna 60° with TwistPort Connector
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StarterAdapter SMA
7 pcs in stock
StationBox ALU 6N1E
10 pcs in stock
StationBox ALU-Mini
2 pcs in stock
Twin Horn Bracket
1 pc in stock
TwistPort Adapter for Mimosa B5x and A5x
2 pcs in stock

Buyers Info

GETIC is the official distributor of RF Elements

RF Elements technology solves the noise problem in general. RF Elements focuses on significant energy flow in space, using antennas with extremely accurate and appropriate radiation properties, equipped with a virtually loss-free TwistPort connector. This technology redefines the way in which service providers build their wireless networks and provide greater scalability of access networks.

Long-range RF antennas

The RF or Radio Frequency antenna’s purpose is to transmit electrical signals as radio waves in between the wireless points. Due to advancements in modern antenna engineering, these directional antennas are now able to transmit data for long distances in a stable bandwidth, resulting in lossless data transfer. We have a wide variety of RF antennas in stock as well as various antenna accessories in our GETIC which include TwistPort™ adapters, station boxes, passive PoE cables, and starter adapters SMA.