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Ultimate Noise Rejecting Horn Antenna

UltraHorn™ TP antennas are highly directional scalar horn antennas. They offer all the benefits of scalar horns: ultra noise rejection, lossless connection of radio and symmetrical beam with no side lobes. These unique radiation properties make them excellent antennas for long links in environments with a high level of noise.

Unique Beam Without Side Lobes

UltraHorn™ TP antennas are truly directional antennas: signal is focused only to a main beam without any side lobes. Precise radiation patterns of UltraHorn™ TP antennas allow you to create long links in high noise environment with unprecedented performance. The optimal beamwidth makes aiming very simple compared to other point-to-point antennas.

Ultimate Noise Rejection

UltraHorn™ TP antennas do not have side lobes, which allows them to reject noise. Side radiation is directly related to noise: radios transmit and also receive interference from unwanted directions. Side lobes from most mainstream point-to-point antennas are huge, sometimes almost half the size of the main lobe, and thus having a huge impact on overall performance. UltraHorn™ TP antennas receive significantly less noise, allowing them to achieve amazing performance in noisy environments.

Radiation Patterns

Zero Loss

UltraHorn™ TP Antennas feature the industry leading TwistPort™ connector, a patented quick-lock waveguide port. There are no coaxial RF connectors or RF cables anymore that makes TwistPort™ virtually lossless connector. Connection of radio is brilliantly simple - “twist and lock” - all done with one hand!

No Accessories Needed

UltraHorn™ TP antennas come as a complete antenna solution for a point-to-point link. There is no need to spend more money for radomes or shrouds. No extra costs for additional shielding that burdens the tower and does not work properly. UltraHorn™ TP antennas have everything. Just buy an appropriate TwistPort™ Adaptor to connect your radio and deploy. That’s it!

Innovative Mounting System

UltraHorn™ TP antennas feature the newest innovative mounting system that makes antenna installation an easy task. The mount is completely separated from the antenna, so first install just the bracket on the pole and then simply slide the antenna on the bracket. Thanks to this mounting system, adjustment is quick and easy as well. The optimal beam shape makes aiming very simple compared to mainstream parabolic dish point-to-point antennas.

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