TwistPort Adapter for Rocket Prism 5AC, airFiber 5X-HD and LTU Rocket

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The TwistPort Adaptor for Prism 5AC, Prism 5AC Gen2, airFiber 5X, airFiber 5XHD


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What Is TwistPort Adaptor

TwistPort Adaptor adapts 3rd party radios to RF elements® proprietary TwistPortTM waveguide connector. Integration of the radio is smooth and requires no tools. Making 3rd party radios compatible with TwistPortTM allows for using the radio with any TwistPortTM antenna ever made and enable superior performance, noise immunity and network scalability.

For LTUTM Rocket, airFiber® 5X and Rocket® Prism 5AC

This TP-A is also compatible with the LTUTM Rocket and AF-5XHD airFiber® and with newest Gen 2 of Rocket Prism 5AC radios. Complete List of compatible radios includes: UBNTTM LTUTM Rocket, airFiber® 5X, airFiber® 5XHD, Rocket Prism 5AC and Rocket Prism 5AC Gen2.

For LTUTM Rocket, airFiber® 5X and Rocket® Prism 5AC

The migration path from Rocket Prism 5AC to airFiber® 5X or LTUTM Rocket platform is smooth and effective, as no additional investment on TP-A is required.

GPS Antenna Integration

TP-A PAF contains well protected space for GPS antenna that comes with UBNT® radios. After integration, GPS antenna and antenna cable are covered and well protected. No more issues with antenna attachment or with troubleshooting damaged GPS antennas.

Market Leading Performance

TwistPortTM Adaptors cover an ultra-wideband spectrum of 5180-6400 MHz and perform with superb efficiency with very well managed VSWR.

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