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Ubiquiti Protect Viewport
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UniFi protect ViewPort PoE

UniFi Protect ViewPort PoE is an HDMI adapter for IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. Made specifically for connecting to the high-resolution HDMI display, it is a perfect way to connect your UniFi camera to a PC monitor or a TV using an HDMI cable. It features support for 4K, 30 frames per second video and has a PoE port and a second output port, so you can connect other devices using a CAT5 or a CAT6 cable. It comes with a wall mount and fixings for a quick installation if you wish to fit it behind the TV.

A proven way to hook up your camera feed to an HDMI display

UniFi Protect ViewPort has been around for quite some time and is still the most straightforward and reliable way to interlink your security feed to a monitor of your choice. It comes with an HDMI cable (included in the box) and is extremely easy to set up when using Ubiquiti’s own GUI from the UniFi protect range. With a very convenient Power over Internet port and an ability to simultaneously display up to 16 IP cameras, this amazing viewport will be the smartest addition to your UniFi CCTV network.