Teltonika IP67 Case PGCA00001840

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IP67 Case for Teltonika GPS trackers



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12 months

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30 pcs 
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The case PGCA00001840 is designed for use with FMx125, FMx225, FMx130, FMx230, FMB140, FMB240 GPS trackers. The ingress protection rating of the enclosure is IP67, so the tracker will be protected against intrusion, dust, accidental contact and water. The standard U-type cable is included. The cable length is 0.9m.
* This device has an IP67 casing with a two-phase closing, that ensures a reliable protection and ease of use. Please make sure that product casing corner clips are fixed tightly and cable is connected to the device in order to maintain the degree of IP67 protection.

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