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Original Xiaomi - Mi Band 6

There is a new band from the world's most popular family of smart bands - Mi Band 6 while maintaining a low price offers improvements on many levels compared to the previous version. Changes have been made, among other things, in the specification of the display and also improved fitness functions and monitoring of oxygen concentration in the blood or heart rate measurement.

A Step Forward from Previous Generations

The first big change compared to the previous generation is the AMOLED display, whose diagonal has been increased to 1.56 inches. Noteworthy is its high brightness of 450 nits and also increased resolution of 152 x 486 pixels. All this makes the screen Mi Band 6 is extremely readable.

Enhanced Workout Functions

Mi Band 6 sports band has a sizeable set of sensors - accelerometer, heart rate monitor, gyroscope and blood oxygenation sensor. Mi Band 6 has gained as many as 30 workout modes that monitor heart rate and calorie burn. The PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) assessment gives you a better idea of the impact of your workout on your overall well-being and fitness. The armband can be submerged in water up to 50 meters so Mi Band 6 is also suitable for water sports.

Monitoring of Heart Rate and REM Phase

The Mi Band 6 sports band offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring as well as sleep monitoring. Mi Band tracks REM phase and breathing rate.

Long Standby Time and Convenient Charging

The new Xiaomi Mi Band provides for about 14 days of battery life. The charger connects to the back of the Mi Band 6 using magnets, so there is no need to remove the Mi Band 6 from the band while charging. The band itself is enriched with silver ions protecting your skin from bacteria.

More Useful Features

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 allows you to control the camera and music player. It monitors your stress levels, breathing and also your menstrual cycle.

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