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The Hikvision DS-3E0106HP-E is a 4 Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged POE Switch designed to offer efficient and reliable connectivity for various networking needs, especially in surveillance systems. This device, part of Hikvision's Pro Series, is recognized for its capability to power devices through its PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, making it a versatile choice for a range of network setups.
  • When the power supply exceeds the limit, PoE ports intelligently manage the power supply, which extends the switch lifetime.
  • The distance between IPCs and switch can reach maximum 300 meters.
  • 8-core power supply reduces the power loss on cables.
  • The built-in surge protection device protects the switch from the sudden lightning surge in harsh environment.
  • VIP port ensures important data transmission when network congestion occurs
This switch is equipped with four ports that support Fast Ethernet connectivity. These ports are designed to automatically detect and supply power to PoE-enabled devices, such as IP cameras and wireless access points. One of these ports offers Hi-PoE capability, providing a higher power output for devices that require more power, such as PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras. The other three ports deliver standard PoE power. The switch's total power budget for PoE is 60W, ensuring adequate power distribution across all PoE ports.
The DS-3E0106HP-E switch is also notable for its long-range PoE transmission capability, supporting distances up to 300 meters. This feature is particularly beneficial for large-scale installations where devices need to be powered over longer distances than what standard Ethernet cables can typically support.
In terms of design, the switch boasts a fanless, passive cooling design. This not only contributes to a quieter operation but also enhances energy efficiency and reduces maintenance needs. Its metal casing adds to its durability, making it suitable for various environments. The switch is compact and can be easily installed in a desktop setting or mounted on a wall, depending on the user's needs.
Regarding its technical specifications, the switch has a switching capacity of 1.2 Gbps and a packet forwarding rate of 0.893 Mpps. It also features a MAC Address Table of 2K and an internal cache of 768 Kbits. The device operates on a store-and-forward switching mode and is equipped with high-priority ports for important data transmission.
The DS-3E0106HP-E is also engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, thanks to its built-in 6KV surge protection. This feature safeguards the switch against lightning strikes and other voltage spikes, enhancing its reliability and lifespan.
For installation and operational convenience, the switch offers easy plug-and-play functionality, requiring no complicated setup or configuration. It is compliant with multiple IEEE standards, ensuring broad compatibility with various network devices.
In summary, the Hikvision DS-3E0106HP-E is a robust and user-friendly PoE switch that offers efficient power distribution, long-range transmission capabilities, and reliable performance for various networking applications, particularly in IP surveillance systems​

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