DAC Cables

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What are DAC cables?

DAC or Direct Attach Copper cables are popular cabling solutions in data centers or enterprises with small or big networking infrastructures as a very simple and cost-effective way to connect routers, switches, servers, or any other active data storage equipment. They are made from Twinax copper and can be active or passive, direct or breakout depending on the intended use. These cables are extremely reliable due to the fact that they make a direct physical connection to the intended equipment.

DAC cables are fast, safe and reliable

Here in GETIC, we have a selection of DAC cables that come in different lengths, capable of transferring data at different speeds and distances. Ranging from 10G to 100G and capable of streaming speeds of up to 40Gbps, these cables provide a way to establish a solid connection between your networking equipment. Our DAC cables are manufactured by industry-leading brands Ubiquiti and MikroTik to complement their extensive range of other networking products like network switches and routers.