Hikvision Switch DS-3E0310HP-E

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The Hikvision DS-3E0310HP-E is an 8-port long-range Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, belonging to Hikvision's Pro Series of network devices. It is designed to provide both power and network connectivity through a single cable to PoE-enabled devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points. This switch is particularly suitable for use in IP surveillance systems where long-range cable runs are required.
  • Intelligent PoE Management
  • Up to 300 m Long Range PoE Transmission
  • IEEE 802.3bt Standard Hi-PoE, Max. 90 W for One Port
  • 4/8-Core Adaptive Power Supply with Less Power Loss
  • 6KV Surge Protection to Improve Reliability in Harsh Environment
This switch features eight Fast Ethernet PoE ports and two additional Gigabit RJ45 ports. The first port of the switch supports High-Power over Ethernet (Hi-PoE) under the IEEE 802.3bt standard, capable of delivering up to 90 watts, making it suitable for powering devices that require more power, such as PTZ cameras. The other ports provide a standard PoE power output, up to 30 watts per port, with a total PoE power budget of 110 watts for the switch.
One of the notable features of the DS-3E0310HP-E is its long-range PoE transmission capability, allowing up to 300 meters of data and power transmission, significantly higher than the standard Ethernet cable range. This feature is particularly useful in large-scale installations where devices are spread out over large distances.
The switch is built with a robust metal casing and designed for fan-free operation, which ensures quiet performance and reduces maintenance needs. It weighs 0.55 kg and measures 217.6 mm × 27.8 mm × 103.55 mm, making it compact and easy to install in various environments. The switch can be desk-mounted, wall-mounted, rack-mounted with equipped mounting ears, and is also suitable for pole or rail installation.
In terms of technical specifications, the switch has a MAC address table of 8K, a switching capacity of 5.60 Gbps, and a packet forwarding rate of 4.17 Mpps. The internal cache is 4 Mbits. These specifications ensure efficient handling of network traffic and connectivity across all ports.
The DS-3E0310HP-E is also equipped with a 6 KV surge protection feature, enhancing its reliability in harsh environmental conditions. The switch is compliant with several EMC and safety standards, including FCC, CE-EMC, IC, RCM, UL, CB, and CE-LVD. This compliance ensures that the switch meets high standards of operational safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
Overall, the Hikvision DS-3E0310HP-E is a versatile and robust PoE switch, ideal for use in various network configurations, especially those requiring extended PoE transmission and high-power output for connected devices. Its design and features make it a suitable choice for both small and large-scale network applications​

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