Teltonika Carrier Reefer Cable

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Teltonika reefer cable, compatible with FMX6 trackers, cable length 70 cm



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The Teltonika Carrier Reefer Cable is a plug-and-play cable for carrier machinery to manage transported goods by monitoring real-time essential data from reefer. Make sure that precious cargo of your customer or yourself arrives at its destination undamaged and well maintained. You can now monitor real-time data from carrier reefers with Teltonika FMX6 pro tracker.
The solution is easy to install – just plug one end to RS232 port of FMX6 and the other to carrier reefer. With the first edition/ version of cable it is required to connect wires on one end to the RJ45 plug. After applying simple configuration, you will be able to monitor real-time temperature, fridge door status, alarms and generate variety of events according to your needs.
Supported carrier refrigerators models: Vector 1800, Vector 1850, Vector 1850 MT, Vector 1550

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