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Detailed description

The MikroTik NetMetal Series

The MikroTik NetMetal series, encompassing models like the NetMetal 5 and NetMetal ac2, represents a versatile and robust suite of outdoor wireless solutions designed to excel as Access Points (AP), Backbone links, or Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). Each model is equipped with features that support a wide range of applications and network configurations, tailored to meet the demands of complex and dynamic network environments. As Access Points, the NetMetal series is ideal for providing high-capacity wireless coverage. Equipped with powerful radios and dual-band capabilities, these devices can serve high-density areas with reduced interference and optimal bandwidth distribution. This makes them perfect for deploying in busy urban settings or large public venues where reliable, high-speed wireless access is crucial.
In Backbone configurations, the NetMetal series shines by establishing robust point-to-point connections necessary for linking different network segments or extending the network across geographical barriers. With high-output power radios and options for gigabit Ethernet and fiber optic connectivity via SFP ports, these devices ensure high-speed, stable, and reliable data transmission over long distances. This capability is essential in scenarios requiring the integration of remote areas into a central network system or creating high-capacity links between data centers. As CPE, the NetMetal series provides reliable, high-performance connectivity to end-users. This setup is especially valuable in areas where traditional wired broadband is unavailable or unreliable. The flexibility to incorporate 3G/4G LTE modules via the miniPCIe slot allows for seamless internet access, ensuring continuous connectivity. Furthermore, the robust, weather-resistant design of the NetMetal series guarantees long-lasting operation under adverse environmental conditions, making these devices ideal for installation at customer premises in rural or challenging urban environments. With their rugged enclosures, extensive connectivity options, and advanced wireless technologies, the NetMetal 5 and NetMetal ac2 are equipped to handle a variety of roles across different networking scenarios. Whether deployed as high-performance access points, critical backbone links, or reliable CPE, the NetMetal series is built to provide durable, efficient, and scalable solutions, ensuring that networks remain future-proof and adaptable to evolving technological and operational needs.

Durable & High-Performance Hardware

The MikroTik NetMetal 5 showcases the capabilities of 802.11ac wireless technology, highlighting significant improvements in speed, range, and performance compared to earlier models. Encased in a robust, waterproof metal enclosure rated at IP54, this device is engineered to excel in the harshest outdoor environments, providing reliable operation in the face of dust and water exposure. Constructed from solid aluminium, the enclosure not only shields the internal components but also functions as a highly efficient heat sink, ensuring optimal performance of its high-output power radio. This feature allows the device to maintain stable operation even under demanding conditions or elevated ambient temperatures.
At its core, the NetMetal 5 is powered by a robust 720MHz CPU, offering the processing power required to execute instructions and efficiently manage wireless networking tasks. Complemented by 128MB of RAM, the device offers robust processing capabilities, enabling it to handle the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications and multiple concurrent tasks seamlessly. Incorporating advanced features such as multi-user MIMO and wider channel bandwidths, the NetMetal 5 operates in the 5 GHz frequency band, delivering enhanced data rates and expanded coverage. Its high-output power radio ensures extended range and superior signal penetration, making it ideal for reaching devices in distant locations or challenging environments.

Versatile Connectivity

The NetMetal 5 boasts comprehensive networking features to meet diverse connectivity needs. Its Gigabit Ethernet port offerы lightning-fast wired connections for seamless data transfer between devices. This port plays a crucial role in providing high-speed connectivity for various networking applications, ensuring efficient data transmission and network performance. Additionally, the inclusion of an SFP cage opens up the possibilities for fiber optic connectivity, enabling high-speed data transmission over extended distances, ideal for demanding network environments requiring reliable and efficient data transfer.
In the realm of wireless connectivity, the NetMetal 5 supports such wireless standards as 802.11a/n/ac (Wi-Fi 5). Operating in the 5GHz frequency band, it achieves a remarkable radio rate of up to 1.3 Gbps, ensuring robust and high-capacity wireless connections suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications like HD video streaming, online gaming, and large file transfers.

Expansion Options

The versatility of NetMetal 5 is further augmented by its miniPCI-express slot, which allows users to expand and customize the device's functionality according to specific networking requirements. Whether it's adding additional wireless radios for increased coverage or integrating specialized networking modules, the miniPCI-express slot offers unparalleled flexibility in network configuration. For users seeking alternative connectivity options, the NetMetal 5 comes equipped with a SIM slot specifically designed for 3G/4G modems. This feature enables seamless integration of cellular connectivity into the network infrastructure, providing backup internet access or primary connectivity in areas where wired internet services are unavailable or unreliable.
Completing its arsenal of connectivity options, the NetMetal 5 features a USB port, allowing for the connection of external devices such as storage drives, printers, or additional networking peripherals. This versatile port expands the device's functionality, offering enhanced connectivity options and further customization possibilities to suit a wide range of networking scenarios and requirements.

Efficient & User-Friendly Design

Despite its rugged construction and high-performance specifications, the NetMetal 5 is designed to be user-friendly. The device features an enclosure that can be easily opened and closed with one hand. This intuitive design simplifies both installation and maintenance. Equipped with the RouterOS L4 license, the NetMetal 5 offers advanced configuration options allowing users to tailor the network to meet precise requirements. This mid-range license enhances the router's utility by supporting an unlimited number of interfaces, which is particularly beneficial for complex network setups often required in outdoor environments. The RouterOS L4 license also enables the NetMetal 5 to manage up to 20 Ethernet over IP (EoIP) tunnels. This feature is essential for creating secure and efficient virtual network links over extended distances—ideal for large-scale outdoor wireless networks. Moreover, the device supports up to 200 PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, and OVPN tunnels, each facilitating robust VPN services that are critical for secure remote access. With a maximum power consumption of 17W, the NetMetal 5 balances energy efficiency with powerful wireless capability. This makes it an ideal choice for users who need a durable, high-performing wireless solution in outdoor settings, supported by the cost-effective and flexible RouterOS L4 license.

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