Radio Modules for External Antennas

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Bullet AC IP67

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Bullet M2HP

52 pcs in stock

MikroTik BaseBox 2

20 pcs in stock

MikroTik BaseBox 5

13 pcs in stock

NetMetal 5

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NetMetal 5SHP

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20 pcs expected

NetMetal ac2

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30 pcs expected
20 pcs in stock
15 pcs in stock
27 pcs in stock
189 pcs in stock
13 used in stock

Rocket M2

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104 pcs in stock
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External antennas for the internet hungry world

We live in a data-hungry world where almost every aspect of our lives like work,  connecting with family and even ordering food rely on a high-speed broadband connection. With the advances in modern-day engineering and the digital industry, it is now possible to bridge the gap between remote communities by connecting them together with our range of antennas. Whatever the area, distance or data speed your project requires, we have selected a number of great external antennas to help you get connected to the rest of the world.

External antennas from world-leading specialists

Choose from our wide range of external antennas from leading brands like Ubiquiti, Mimosa, MikroTik, Alfa and others. Most come with a sturdy combination of metal and plastic enclosures that are easy to mount and operate. Powerful hardware inside these antennas lets them achieve incredibly fast data transfer speeds with no connectivity loss. Designed to withstand even the worst environmental factors like lightning, wind and rain, these antennas have been created to keep the connection intact no matter what comes their way.