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2.4/5 GHz dual-band support, max data rate: 2.4 GHz 300 Mbit/s, 5 GHz 866.7 Mbit/s; 1x SFP port, 256 MB RAM, 2x RP-SMA connectors



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on 21.10.2022

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More power and advanced features, with the same design philosophy as its predecessors – the new NetMetal ac2 AP is sturdy, reliable, easy to use and extremely capable. This is the best way to add IPsec hardware acceleration to your backhaul link! NetMetal ac2 features 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-concurrent band support, both frequencies can be used at the same time.
NetMetal ac2 can handle massive loads, as it features an improved 4-core CPU and 256 MB RAM. There is a miniPCIe slot for an LTE or other wireless modules and an SFP port for fiber. The NetMetal ac2 can be a very adaptable addition for all kinds of setups.
Two RP-SMA connectors allow adding an antenna of your choice. If necessary, you can adapt the NetMetal ac2 for lower range use with screw-on omni antenna, for example model HGO-antenna-OUT (not included; available for ordering separately).
The enclosure has an IP rating of IP66 with protection against splashing from any angle, but it can still be opened and closed with one hand. Very handy in rough environments!

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