MikroTik CSS610-8P-2S+IN

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2x 10G SFP+ Ports, 8x GbE PoE-out Ports, 56 GB Switching Capacity, 802.3af/at, PoE-out budget of 140 W



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CSS610-8P-2S+IN is one of the most well-rounded switches on the market. It is a perfect fit for the most diverse setups: from home networks and small offices to hotels, call centers and so on. The unique combination of size, features, and price offers unbelievable scalability potential. There are two SFP+ ports for 10 Gigabit fiber connectivity and eight Gigabit Ethernet ports with 802.3af/at PoE-out.
This switch is all about nice and easy setups. The compact form-factor means easier shipping and handling, while the lightweight SwOS means easier configuration. You can configure this switch from your web browser. It gives you all the core functionality of a managed switch, and even more: you can manage port-to-port forwarding, broadcast storm control, apply MAC filters, configure VLANs, mirror traffic, apply bandwidth limitations, and even adjust some MAC and IP header fields.
The combination of SFP+ and PoE-out Ethernet ports allows you to do all kinds of things on a tight budget. CSS610 has an impressive total PoE-out budget of 140 W, so you can use even in the most intense scenarios – like hotels, conference halls, or call centers! Use the PoE-out ports to connect the IP-phones while the SFP+ ports connect your primary server to the ISP. Or power a bunch of network cameras and instantly upload the footage to the cloud. You can manage a cluster of wireless access points at the same time. Also, scalability is no longer a problem - you can afford a switch on every floor thanks to the affordable price!

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