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MikroTik mANTBox ax 15s

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Introduction to the mANT Series

The MikroTik mANT series represents an advanced suite of high-performance sector antennas, engineered to optimize outdoor wireless networking. These antennas are distinguished by their sector-shaped radiation pattern, facilitating targeted coverage across specific areas. This strategic design minimizes interference and maximizes signal strength within the designated sector, making the mANT series ideal for establishing efficient point-to-multipoint networks in diverse settings such as mobile base stations, WISP networks, and expansive outdoor facilities.
Crafted for durability and adaptability, the mANT antennas incorporate dual-polarization technology, transmitting and receiving signals on both horizontal and vertical planes. This capability significantly enhances the use of the radio spectrum, improving signal quality, reducing environmental interference, and bolstering data throughput rates. Seamlessly integrated with MikroTik's robust QuickMOUNT systems, the mANT series ensures effortless installation and versatile deployment. The QuickMOUNT system, renowned for its user-friendly and adjustable design, enables precise alignment and stable mounting of antennas on various surfaces, from walls to poles, thus facilitating optimal signal direction and network performance.

Design and Compatibility

The MikroTik mANT 15s, with its robust design and 120-degree beamwidth, is engineered to efficiently broaden wireless network coverage. This beamwidth is optimal for sector antennas, striking a perfect balance between covering extensive areas and maintaining signal strength. Integration with two RP-SMA connectors ensures a secure and reliable connection to the wireless equipment, leveraging their screw-type mechanism for enhanced connection stability and preventing misalignment or unauthorized usage, pivotal for consistent wireless communication.
The mANT 15s is designed to be compatible with the MikroTik SXT type mount, which is known for its robustness and adaptability in various installation environments, ensuring that the antenna remains stable and precisely aligned for optimal performance. The inclusion of MikroTik's QuickMOUNT PRO further enhances this capability, offering professional-grade mounting flexibility. This system allows for detailed adjustments in both azimuth and elevation, ensuring that the antenna can be perfectly aligned to target signals effectively, maximizing the network's performance and coverage potential in diverse settings.

Efficient Spectrum Utilization

The mANT 15s, with its frequency range of 5.170 to 5.875 GHz and a gain of 15 dBi, is designed for high-frequency applications such as Wi-Fi, fixed wireless access, and broadband communications. This specific frequency spectrum, situated in the 5 GHz band, is adept at supporting advanced wireless protocols, enabling rapid data transmission crucial for HD video, gaming, and other demanding applications. Moreover, this band boasts a greater number of non-overlapping channels, which streamlines channel planning and reduces interference.
The antenna’s 15 dBi gain signifies its proficiency in focusing the signal in a designated direction, thereby boosting signal reach and clarity, particularly over long distances. This capability is vital for enhancing network performance and ensuring link stability, especially in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations. High-gain antennas like the mANT 15s excel in efficiently utilizing the spectrum, allowing for precise signal targeting and minimizing potential disruptions from other devices.

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