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UniFi AC M Dual-Band Antenna

The UMA-D dual-band antenna was designed specifically for the UniFi® AC Mesh access point ( model UAP-AC-M). It is designed to organize sector coverage of the territory and, consequently, increase the signal range.
UMA-D has a rugged hermetically sealed housing, which allows you to use it in any climatic conditions. Durable plastic reliably protects the antenna complex from any external influences, including moisture ingress on the sensitive radio part.
The purpose of this antenna - to reduce the load on the access point and to divide a large area into sectors. Thus, if necessary, you can make a base station to connect customers.
  • Outdoor Weather-Resistant Enclosure
  • High Efficiency Directional Radiation Pattern
  • Dual-Band, Dual-Polarity Optimized for 802.11ac
  • Ball Joint 3-Axis Mount for Precise Aiming
  • Wall/Poll Mount Included for Versatile Installation

Dual-Band Directivity

Directivity allows you to get coverage where you need it. With its high-efficiency radiator, the UMA-D delivers significantly better performance for your desired coverage area and less interference with neighboring APs.
The directional pattern depends on the specific band. So, at 2.4 GHz this indicator is up to 90 degrees, while in the range the angle is reduced by half and is only 45 degrees. The gain is also excellent, and is 10 dBi and 15 dBi respectively.

Mounting Versatility

Installation of sector brand antenna UMA-D is simple and does not require special knowledge or skills. For easy alignment, it is equipped not only with a level on the rear panel, but also with a rather convenient mounting system with a hinge element.
Use the included mount for horizontal or vertical mounting on a wall, ceiling, or pole. The ball-joint system allows for quick and easy alignment: azimuth (left/right), elevation (up/down), and orientation (vertical or horizontal pole/surface).

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