Antennas for Teltonika Routers

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Teltonika LTE/GNSS/Wi-Fi Combo SISO Roof Antenna 3m
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Connect easily, even in the most difficult situations

We live in a digital world where professional network applications require a high data rate, steady and fast connection at various lengths and ranges. Here in GETIC, we understand that you might have different network infrastructure scenarios, and whilst one antenna is sufficient for one particular setup, it might not be sufficient for others. That’s why we present you with various antennas with different range and strength options to help you get connected, no matter how complex or challenging your network connectivity circumstances might be.

Various antenna options for our range of Teltonika routers

Our range of Teltonika Networks antennas may be fitted on a number of different surfaces. These versatile and sturdy antennas come with SMA and Fakra couplings, as well as male or female connector options. We have angled, adhesive, and roof antennas that were made from the best possible materials with a rough-natured industrial deployment in mind. These antennas will provide you with the most reliable connection in either static or mobile situations, regardless of how intricate your network environment is.