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Versatile 4 MP (1440p) indoor/outdoor bullet camera with 24 FPS video for day or night surveillance with infrared LEDs.
UniFi Video Camera G4 Bullet is an all-weather IP camera designed for surveillance in all conditions, made of highly durable materials cast aluminum and weatherproof ABS plastic. The design is made in accordance with the high standards of cameras for outdoor video surveillance. There is no need for additional protection during installation. The housing is very sturdy and at the same time very compact. Therefore, many people use this model for indoor video surveillance.
Main Features
  • 2K (4MP) video resolution
  • Flexible 3-axis adjust mount
  • 9 m (30 ft) IR night vision
  • AI event detections
  • Record audio with an integrated microphone
  • Connect and power using PoE
  • Weatherproof (outdoor exposed)
UniFi Video Camera G4 Bullet is characterized by the use of high-quality sensor, which allows you to use the model in a variety of situations. The resolution of the sensor is 4 megapixels, which allows you to transmit video resolution up to 1440p with a frame rate of up to 24 per second. Separately, it should be noted that the model received a highly durable all-weather housing, allowing you to operate it without any restrictions outdoors.
Such characteristics allow detailed control of what is happening in the frame, without missing the slightest subtleties, which is important when you need to restore the events and handling incidents. Additionally, the camera has a built-in microphone, which gives the opportunity to record sound. Connecting the IP surveillance camera to the network is standard, twisted pair through 100\1000 Ethernet port, which is also responsible for powering the device using PoE.
Featuring an intuitive user interface, the UniFi Network Application conducts device discovery, provisioning, monitoring, and configuration for centralized control of UniFi devices.

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Camera G4 Bullet

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