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Eight-port GPON optical line terminal (OLT) designed to manage fiber internet service for up to 1,024 clients (128 per port)

Configuring a fiber network just became as easy as setting up a smartphone. Say goodbye to command lines, manuals, and paid support licenses. Introducing the UFiber OLT – a fiber solution that anyone can deploy!
The Ubiquiti UFiber OLT, identified by the model manufacture part number UF-OLT, represents a cornerstone in fiber optic networking infrastructure, offering advanced capabilities for efficient and reliable optical line termination. Meticulously designed and engineered, this OLT device serves as a central component in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) deployments, facilitating high-speed data transmission and broadband connectivity for residential and commercial applications.
Featuring a comprehensive hardware suite, the UFiber OLT offers eight GPON OLT SFP ports and two 10 Gbps SFP+ ports, facilitating versatile connectivity options for upstream and downstream traffic. Its management interface includes Ethernet Out-of-Band, Ethernet In-Band, and RJ45 Serial Console ports, providing convenient avenues for configuration and monitoring tasks. Furthermore, the integration of Bluetooth capabilities ensures seamless connectivity for management operations, enhancing user experience and efficiency.
The UFiber OLT's LED indicators provide visual feedback on various aspects of the device's status, including power, GPON OLT SFP ports, SFP+ ports, and Ethernet connectivity, ensuring easy monitoring and troubleshooting. Advanced software features such as support for 4062 VLANs, 8 priority queues per user port for advanced QoS, and registration of up to 1024 ONUs/ONTs demonstrate the device's versatility and performance capabilities.
Crafted with resilient SGCC steel, it designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the UFiber OLT operates within an ambient temperature range of -10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F) and ambient humidity of 10 to 90% noncondensing. Its sturdy construction, coupled with certifications including CE, FCC, and IC, underscores its reliability and compliance with industry standards.
Operating in OLT GPON Core and Layer 2 Ethernet switch modes, the UFiber OLT offers flexibility in network configurations, catering to diverse deployment scenarios. With an operating wavelength of 1490 nm for TX and 1310 nm for RX, and a physical reach of up to 20 km, it ensures seamless data transmission over extended distances, making it an ideal choice for broadband service providers and network operators seeking to deliver high-speed internet access and advanced networking services to end-users.

Power Versatility

Featuring low power consumption, the OLT offers two modular power bays. The first bay includes an AC/DC power module. The second bay can house an optional power module, either an AC/DC backup or a DC/DC power module.

Centralized Management

Easily configure the OLT and manage multiple sites using the comprehensive UNMS™ (Ubiquiti® Network Management System) software.

Rackmount Design

The 1U-high metal chassis allows for convenient mounting in a standard-sized, 19"‑wide rack.

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