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What is a network controller?

The network controllers were designed to be an intermediary between the network infrastructure and the dedicated business that particular network serves. When an organization enters its business plan into the controller, it sets up a network to help efficiently deliver on those objectives as a well-coordinated means of communication between the parties involved. It helps by monitoring the status of connected devices, automating functions such as image updates and device configurations, analyzing functions, and providing a framework for reports or other important data sharing functionality.

Network controllers for small and large network infrastructures

UniFi Dream Machine is an all-in-one device with an access point and a security gateway that is perfect for a house or any other small-scale network with either a wired or wireless connection. It can be easily managed with the help of an intuitive graphical interface either from your PC or any smart device. Whereas the Unifi Dream Machine Pro and cnMaestro C4000 controllers are ideal for larger-scale network operations establishments like hotels, warehouses, hospitals, and should be the first choice for enterprises that require a quick and easy way to deploy their business network objectives.