MikroTik Outdoor AC/DC Power Supply 53V 250W

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Outdoor AC/DC power supply unit for the MikroTik netPower product line.

MTP250-53V47-OD can output 53V 250W, while the MTP250-26V94-OD works with a 26V 250W output. Both power supplies come in a sturdy IP67 enclosure with extra protection from dust and moisture.
The voltage will depend on your setup – take a look at the “DC jack input Voltage” in the Power input specifications of the desired devices. If your home access points are designed for 12-30 V power supplies, you can use MTP250-26V94-OD device. If you have a setup demanding higher voltage – like a net of PTZ security cameras, you could use the MTP250-53V47-OD instead. Always check the necessary voltage before powering your devices!

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