MikroTik RouterOS Level 5 / CHR P10

Short description

License can be used as RouterOS Level 5 or Cloud Hosted Router P10.Please write in the comment your Mikrotik ID (login) and license will be sent to you



Manufacturer part number



12 month



Stock availability

18 pc 
in stock

Detailed description

The license key is a block of symbols that needs to be copied from your account, or from the email you received in, and then it can be pasted into the router. You can paste the key anywhere in the terminal, or by clicking "Paste key" in Winbox License menu. A reboot is required for the key to take effect. RouterOS licensing scheme is based on SoftwareID number that is bound to storage media (HDD, NAND).
All Licenses:
  • never expire
  • can use the unlimited number of interfaces
  • are for one installation each
  • offer unlimited software upgrades
NOTE! There are no license level upgrades, if you wish to use a different license Level, please purchase the appropriate level. Be very careful when purchasing for the first time, choose the correct option.

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