MikroTik mANT30 PA 4-pack

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MikroTik mANT30 PA

MikroTik mANT30 PA

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MikroTik mANT30 PA

The MikroTik mANT30 PA is the professional-grade 5 GHz 30dBi dish antenna. Operating within the Wi-Fi spectrum, this antenna provides a powerful signal amplification with a 30dBi gain, making it ideal for long-distance point-to-point communication. The package includes four MikroTik mANT30 PA devices, each equipped with all necessary accessories and cables for a complete and versatile wireless networking solution.
Commonly employed by wireless internet service providers (WISPs), for backhaul connections, and in scenarios demanding high-throughput and extensive coverage, the mANT30 PA sets a new benchmark for wireless networking. Moreover, the mANT30 PA seamlessly accommodates MikroTik's Basebox series products and other RouterBOARD devices purchased separately, ensuring a harmonious pairing for enhanced wireless capabilities.

Installation Flexibility

Take advantage of the versatility brought to you by the MikroTik mANT30 PA with the inclusion of the FlexGuide cable. Purposefully included with the antenna, this cable serves as a flexible and reliable link between the antenna and networking equipment. Its length caters to the specific requirements of pole-mounted wireless devices, offering flexibility in installation and precise positioning of the antenna. Designed with durability in mind, the FlexGuide cable withstands outdoor conditions, ensuring resilience against varying temperatures and environmental elements.

Precision Engineering

Fitted with 2 x RP-SMA Female RF connectors, the MikroTik mANT30 PA antenna establish strong connection, seamlessly aligning with wireless networking standards. The antenna excels in focused signal transmission, thanks to the narrow 2.5° antenna beamwidth: perfect for precision in long-distance connections. Operating smoothly between -50 °C to 80 °C, the mANT30 PA antenna showcases versatility in various conditions and proves a reliable solution for cutting-edge wireless networking needs.

The Alignment Mount

The mANT30 PA is equipped with a precision alignment mount, which is crafted to ensure high accuracy in aligning directional antennas. It facilitates fine-tuning adjustments, granting users precise control over elevation angles. This level of accuracy is pivotal for optimizing signal strength and maintaining a stable connection, especially in long-distance wireless links. The precision alignment mount of the mANT30 PA prioritizes stability and durability, demonstrating resilience in diverse environmental conditions for long-term reliability.

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