Alfa WiFi Camp Pro2 Mini

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Wireless Extender package: Alfa R36A + 5 dBi dipole antenna, Alfa AWUS036NH + 5 dBi dipole antenna, 5m USB cable, U-mount holder, wall AC power supply, Ethernet cable


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The choice of travelers everywhere, The Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini is low profile indoor version of the popular Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 outdoor kit. It is designed to be used indoors in places where setting up an outdoor system isn't ideal or possible. Perfect for home/resort use, hotels, or smaller recreational vehicles, it can be packed easily into a laptop bag or suitcase. If you need to boost Wi-Fi signal to multiple devices at once but want to keep everything inside, the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini is the perfect choice.
This is a special kit shipping in one retail box that features all of the above equipment designed to pick up a weak Wi-Fi signal and repeat it as your own personal hotspot. This is ideal for use on boats, RVs and campers, or larger properties.
How it works
Use all of these components above together to boost and share a Wi-Fi signal. Simply connect your computer to the R36A via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection for a one-time configuration and setup. Connect the AWUS036NH to the USB port on the R36A. Using Wi-Fi scanning software built-into the R36A that you will see during the setup wizard, you can scan for and connect to available wireless networks in your area. Once the R36A has connected to a network, you will be prompted to name and password protect your own new local Wi-Fi network, offering any device within a few hundred feet the ability to use the same distant Wi-Fi signal.

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