Alfa 5G USB Modem AUCM5G-T700

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5G Global Bands USB-C modem, MediaTek T700-2, 2x detachable 5G antenna, USB 2.0 backward compatible


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AUCM5G-T700 is 5G USB modem which can be used as a travel-ready solution. Global bands is a perfect choice for travelers and users looking for the fastest mobile data communication. The modem has the universal and convenient USB Type-C interface. Two SMA antenna connectors allow connecting the extension RF cable with a higher gain antenna to receive the 5G signal from a remote base station.
Key features:
  • XSquare 5G M.2 modem
  • USB Type-C interface
  • 4x LED indicators
  • Mechanical switch for SIM selection
  • SIM slot
  • 2x external detachable 5G antenna
  • Screen clip

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