AI 360 Junction Box

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Improved Durability

The Ubiquiti AI 360 Junction Box offers a secure and user-friendly solution for mounting your AI 360 camera. The tamper-resistant design discourages unauthorized access, protecting your camera and its vital recordings. The high-quality construction ensures your camera withstands the elements while maintaining a clean, professional look that complements any environment. Strategically placed side and rear 3/4" conduit entrances allow for effortless access to internal components, facilitating maintenance and cabling.

Flexible Mounting Options

The AI 360 Junction Box provides flexible installation options. You can securely mount your camera directly to a wall or ceiling for a straightforward setup or attach the junction box to a pole for elevated camera placement, ideal for capturing a wider area. Another option is to utilize a pendant mount (not included) for hanging the camera from a ceiling or overhang, providing a discreet and effective security solution.

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