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Smart Audio Control

Enhance your surveillance system with the AI Theta Audio module, a sophisticated addition designed for seamless integration with the Camera AI Theta. This plug-and-play module introduces advanced audio capabilities, delivering crystal-clear two-way communication and elevating your security experience. Equipped with built-in microphones and speakers, it brings a comprehensive audio solution to your surveillance camera setup.
The AI Theta Audio module enables two-way communication, allowing real-time interaction in addition to visual monitoring. This proves valuable in scenarios where immediate responses or engagement are essential. Beyond visuals, the module adds an immersive layer to surveillance by capturing ambient sounds in the camera's vicinity, providing additional context to the visual feed. Customizable control over audio input ensures adaptability to different surveillance environments. Fine-tune sensitivity levels and filter out unwanted noise, optimizing the audio feed's performance. The programmable mute feature for the microphone adds a layer of privacy and flexibility. Users can selectively disable audio recording or transmission during specific times or in sensitive areas, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Compact and Versatile Design

Integrating seamlessly into any environment, the UVC-AI-Theta-Audio module is designed with dimensions of Ø 61.5 x 39 mm and a lightweight build for unobtrusive placement. Crafted with an aluminium alloy and polycarbonate housing, this module ensures durability, with a wall-mounting option for flexible installation.
Operational efficiency is maintained with a module power consumption of 4.5 W, requiring a USB Type C power source delivering 5 V DC at 0.9 A. For optimal positioning, the module offers ceiling mount installation, operating flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -20 to 40°C. This comprehensive design ensures a tidy and organized setup, combining the advantages of Type-C connectivity and thermoplastic elastomer durability.

Connector Compatibility

The module includes a 1-meter Theta audio cable, featuring a Type C to Type C connector for convenient installation. Leveraging the benefits of the Type-C connector, this design incorporates a reversible orientation, faster data transfer capabilities, and versatile compatibility across various devices. Specifically tailored for audio applications, this Type-C to Type-C cable connects seamlessly with devices such as headphones, microphones, smartphones, tablets, and modern laptops.
Further enhancing its robustness, the Theta audio cable employs a thermoplastic elastomer cable shell measuring 28 x 13 x 7.5 mm. The incorporation of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) provides flexibility, making the cable resistant to bending and twisting. Known for its durability and resistance to wear, TPE ensures an extended cable lifespan, making it an ideal choice for audio cables. Its environmental resistance makes it suitable for outdoor applications, where exposure to various weather conditions is expected.

Certified Reliability & UniFi Protect

This device is backed by certifications from FCC, IC, and CE, guaranteeing compliance with stringent industry standards. These certifications, including FCC for the United States, IC for Canada, and CE for the European Union, affirm that the module meets essential requirements related to electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency interference, and safety. This ensures that the device is a trusted component, delivering advanced capabilities for robust security systems without compromise.
Seamlessly integrate it into your security infrastructure using the UniFi Protect app. UniFi Protect, a surveillance management platform by Ubiquiti, provides users with powerful tools to manage and monitor their UniFi Protect cameras and devices. With centralized management, users can efficiently oversee multiple cameras and surveillance devices. The app offers live view and playback features, allowing users to monitor in real time and analyze recorded footage. Receive real-time alerts and notifications for events detected by the surveillance system, enhancing your ability to respond promptly. This feature is particularly beneficial for homeowners wanting to remotely monitor and secure their property. Additionally, businesses can utilize the app for effective surveillance of their premises, while public spaces, institutions, and commercial areas benefit from UniFi Protect in enhancing overall surveillance and safety.

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