Huawei B628-265 Pro2 Cat12 4G CPE

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Huawei Soyealink B628-350 Cat12 LTE CPE
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Plug in, Wi-Fi Everywhere

HUAWEI 4G CPE Pro 2 is simple to set up, just plug in the Nano-SIM card. Connect your phone, laptop and other Wi-Fi devices to the router anywhere you go. From your living room to the café, high-speed Wi-Fi follows you.

Take High-Speed Network to a New Level

Adopting 4×4 MIMO, HUAWEI 4G CPE Pro 2 doubles the peak LTE speed to 600 Mbps. The newly designed LTE antennas receive more signals, thus further enhance the speed.

Play the Game, Smoother and Faster

HUAWEI 4G CPE Pro 2 is built with X-shaped Wi-Fi antennas, so the Wi-Fi stays strong no matter how you hold your phone, which is crucial for mobile gaming in landscape mode. Supporting both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, the router delivers super fast Wi-Fi speed up to 1167 Mbps, and also offers stable wireless connection in more rooms.

Connect to Wired Devices and More

Built with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, HUAWEI 4G CPE Pro 2 can connect more wired devices for gigabit speed. It also comes with a voice port for telephones and two external antenna ports to improve reception.

Cover Every Corner of Your Home

Thanks to HUAWEI HiLink Mesh, you can connect HUAWEI 4G CPE Pro 2 to other HUAWEI Wi-Fi routers to integrate them into one network system. For a multi-story or spacious house, this allows for true whole-home coverage and seamless roaming as you move around.

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