2 MP IR Fixed Cube IP Camera DS-2CD2421G0-I F2.8

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The 2 MP IR Fixed Cube IP Camera, model DS-2CD2421G0-I-F2.8, from Hikvision is a compact and versatile surveillance camera designed for indoor use, suitable for environments such as homes, offices, and retail spaces. This model is equipped with a 2-megapixel high-resolution sensor that provides clear and sharp images, capturing video at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, ensuring detailed coverage of indoor areas.
  • High quality imaging with 2 MP resolution
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology
  • Provide real-time security via built-in two-way audio
  • Detect human body through passive infrared which is sensitive to body temperature (PIR)
  • DC power supply
This camera features a fixed 2.8 mm lens, which offers a wide-angle field of view, ideal for monitoring large areas with a single camera. The lens is paired with an infrared cut filter (IRCF) and IR LEDs that provide effective night vision up to 10 meters. This capability ensures continuous surveillance, capturing high-quality video regardless of the lighting conditions, making it exceptionally reliable for 24/7 operation.
The DS-2CD2421G0-I-F2.8 is equipped with Hikvision’s innovative imaging technologies such as Digital Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR) and 3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D DNR). DWDR helps to balance the contrast of light and dark areas, ensuring that details are visible even in highly contrasting or backlit environments. Meanwhile, 3D DNR assists in reducing noise from the video feed, particularly under low light conditions, which enhances image clarity without increasing bandwidth consumption.
The camera supports H.264 and H.265 compression standards, which help to reduce the file size and conserve bandwidth while maintaining high-quality video output. This efficiency in data management makes it easier to store more footage and reduces the strain on network resources, which is crucial for systems with multiple cameras.
Additionally, the DS-2CD2421G0-I-F2.8 includes several smart detection features such as motion detection, video tampering alarm, and intrusion detection. These features enable the camera to actively alert users to potential security events, providing not just passive monitoring but proactive security solutions.
For added functionality, the camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for flexible installation without the need for extensive wiring, and supports both ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) standards and RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol). This ensures compatibility with a wide range of third-party network video recorders and surveillance systems, making integration into existing security infrastructures smooth and straightforward.
The cube design of the DS-2CD2421G0-I-F2.8 is both unobtrusive and contemporary, fitting well in various indoor décors. It also includes audio features like a built-in microphone and speaker, enabling two-way audio communication. This can be particularly useful in scenarios where interaction or warnings are necessary, providing an added layer of security by allowing direct communication through the camera.

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