Alfa Wi-Fi Router R36A

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ALFA R36A is a special high speed Wi-Fi router with USB port that allows you to share the long range Wi-Fi connection of an ALFA AWUS036NH, AWUS036NEH, Tube-(U)N, or UBDo-nt.
This R36A is a high speed Wi-Fi router with one huge advantage - it is the only router that lets you use the AWUS036NH or AWUS036NEH long range WiFi receiver (sold separately) as the Internet source of the router. That's right- instead of having to hook the router up to a cable or DSL broadband modem in your home, you can simply plug in an AWUS036NH/NEH Wi-Fi receiver, then use a web browser to access the router's Wi-Fi signal scanner software. The router will connect to a Wi-Fi signal you choose via the AWUS036NH/NEH, and then broadcast it as a new local Wi-Fi signal so that all of your devices can use it. It is just like having an AWUS036NH or AWUS036NEH connected to your cell phone, laptop, tablet, and desktop all at the same time!
How it works
To use this device to share a Wi-Fi signal, you will also need an AWUS036NH or AWUS036NEH Wi-Fi adapter from ALFA. Then simply connect your computer to the R36A via ethernet cable for a one-time configuration and setup. Connect the ALFA USB adapter to the R36A, and using Wi-Fi scanning software built-into the R36A, you can scan for and connect to available wireless networks in your area. Once the R36A has connected to a network, you will be prompted to name and password protect your own new local Wi-Fi network, offering any device within a few hundred feet a strong Wi-Fi connection.

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