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The Ubiquiti UA-Rescue Access Rescue KeySwitch is a vital component designed to enhance the security and reliability of access control systems. This device serves as a keyed emergency override for the UniFi Access Hub, offering a manual unlock port that comes with two physical keys. It's an essential backup entry solution for addressing malfunctions in both fail-safe or secure lock systems, although it's important to note that it does not provide redundant power for fail-secure systems.
Constructed with a focus on durability and reliability, the Access Rescue KeySwitch features a polycarbonate enclosure, ensuring it withstands various environmental conditions. Its mechanical specifications include dimensions of Ø60 x 74 mm (Ø2.4 x 2.9") and a weight of 94 g . The device operates effectively in a wide temperature range from -30 to 65° C (-22 to 149° F) and can handle storage temperatures from -40 to 85° C (-40 to 185° F). Its operating humidity range is 5 to 95% non-condensing, making it suitable for a wide array of climates and indoor environments.
The Access Rescue KeySwitch is designed to be compatible with both Fail Safe and Fail Secur lock systems*. It includes a terminal block for COM/NO/NC configurations, accommodating 18-24 AWG wire sizes. The key switch component is made of brass with an internal wave key design, rated for 28V DC, 4A. This feature underscores the device's robustness and ability to provide manual access control overrides in critical situations. It comes with FCC, IC, and CE certifications, ensuring compliance with international standards.
*Redundant Power for Fail Secure system is NOT included
  • Emergency key relay switch
  • Two included Keys
  • Compatible with both Fail Safe and Fail Secure lock systems
This device is an integral part of any robust door access solution, offering a fail-safe option in the event of system malfunctions. Its compatibility with the UniFi Access system ensures seamless integration into existing security frameworks, providing peace of mind with an additional layer of emergency preparedness.

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