Pigtail U.fl Female / SMA Female 10cm

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High Quality U.fl Female to SMA Female Low Loss 1.13 Pigtail 10cm



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This pigtail has a U.fl Female connector on one end and an SMA Female connector on the other end. U.fl connector is a miniature RF connector for high-frequency signals. The SMA Female connector has a center sleeve surrounded by a barrel with outside threads. SMA connector is coaxial RF connector for coaxial cable with screw connection mechanism.
U.fl connectors are commonly used inside laptops and embedded systems to connect the Wi-Fi antenna to a Mini PCI, Mini PCIe or M.2 Wi-Fi card. Another common use is connecting GPS antennas. SMA connectors are used on LTE equipment - LTE routers and antennas for them. The pigtail uses RG-316 high frequency coaxial cable, which is highly flexible due to the twisted center conductor and is characterized by high electrical stability. The length of the pigtail is 10 cm.

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