Flat Extension Patch Cable Cat7 1.5m black

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Vention Cat 7 Flat Ethernet Extension Cable, Black, 1.5m



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12 month



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High-Speed Ethernet cables with PVC jacket and multi-layer aluminium foil insulation provide reliable shielding and protection against interference. With its 30AWG pure copper conductors, the network cable meets the high-speed specifications of a 10G network.
Each two cores are twisted together to protect against external electromagnetic interference and to ensure stable data transmission. The Ethernet extension cable is compatible with all RJ45 devices. The flat cable saves more space - it can be laid on the ground, on a table or in corners and is suitable for use in any room. The 8P8C contacts are made of pure copper.
The extension cable has an RJ45 Male connector on one side and an RJ45 Female connector on the other side. The maximum data transfer rate is 10 Gbit/s. The patch cable has a high quality and excellent performance. It can be used in any patch panel or active device and reduces crosstalk between pairs. All patch cables are thoroughly tested and comply with international standards.

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