Multipurpose Wire Stripper

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Stripper for flat wires and round cables



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The multipurpose wire stripper is used to remove insulation from wire ends or to cut cables during electrical installation works. This tool is suitable for flat wires and round cables.
Insert the flat wire between the stripper blades and squeeze handles. The cable must be kept perpendicular and then pulled from the tool. To remove the insulation from the round cable, you need to rotate 1-3 times at counterclockwise, then open the jaw and remove the outer insulation.
The tool is suitable for the following cables:
  • Stranded phone wire.
  • Intercom / Alarm wire / 2-Cond
  • Speaker wire 18-22AWG or SPT1 Electric wire
  • Round cable: Tough insulation 12-14-16 AWG cable or SPT-2 Electric cable
  • Assorted solid modular wire: UTP, STP, Data Communication wire or Network cable
  • Multi-conductor cable, insulation OD. 3.2 mm-9.5 mm
  • Automotive heavy-duty wire max 8 AWG

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