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Haylou GT1 is the first wireless earbuds from Haylou. This model has gained worldwide fame thanks to the collaboration with Xiaomi. Haylou GT1 earbuds are built on the Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and have an independent connection of each earbud to the signal source. Using a modern chipset made it possible to implement a game mode in which the delay in sound was reduced to a record 65 milliseconds.
Sound quality is ensured by using the latest polymer resin diaphragms and AAC sound coding technology. For noise reduction is a separate DSP. Earbuds are controlled with a multi-function touch panel and do not have physical buttons. Protection against water and dust complies with IPX5 industry standard. The weight of the earbud is less than 4 grams. The total battery life reaches 12 hours.

Exclusive Outstanding Hardware for the Neo Generation

Thanks to the new customized Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, Haylou GT1 delivers fast transmission, strong penetration and stable connectivity. With the up-to-date chipset, Haylou GT1 gives you cool gaming experience with low lag.

Seamless Switch Between Mono and Stereo Mode

The upgraded chipset makes Master-Slave Switch available. Now you don’t need to worry about signal dropout. Two earbuds are connected to the device directly. It’s easy to switch between mono and stereo mode. Seamless switch and fast reconnection offer you with cool user experience.

Zero Lag & Customized Gaming Surround Sound

The improved gaming mode represents unstoppable performance. Haylou GT1 is unlocking a brand-new immersive gaming space for you. Zero lag & 3D surround sound give you with dynamic, immersive experience in PUBG. Haylou GT1 reveals every sound detail of shots and steps. Act before your enemies and win the final combat.

Pressure-relief Touch Control

To build a streamlined figure, a high accuracy touch panel is applied to Haylou GT1. One-touch for various functions, free you from the pressure of a physical button.
  • Double-tap to answer/end call
  • Tap for playback/pause
  • Triple tap left earbud for voice assistant
  • Keep touching for 1s to ignore call
  • Double-tap left/ right earbud to skip track forward/backwards
  • Triple tap right earbud for gaming mode on/off

Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life

You can always expect more from Haylou GT1. One top-up means 4 hours playback. The exquisite carry case further extends playback to 12 hours.

Professional Tuning High-end Sound Quality

7.2mm dynamic driver has been built-in. With polymeric resin diaphragm and AAC technology, Haylou GT1 offers punchy bass and soft and clear mid-highs. HiFi stereo makes your calling like face to face.

IPX5 Waterproof

Ready for a real workout? With industrial IPX5 waterproof, you can wear Haylou GT1 for the tough sport even outdoors. Choose the snug ones among various ear tips for your long-term workout.

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