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24/7 security control

The alarm button is a part of the security system, and it’s the fastest way to call for help. The security button is used in apartments, private houses, offices, restaurants, banks, shops, and other objects. The main advantage of the Ajax wireless alarm button is the wide range of applications. When pressed, Ajax Button transmits an alarm signal directly to the linked security service and all authorized users. The device supports four types of alarms and the smart home control function in the alarm smart button mode.

Uncompromised Security

Button transmits a signal to the Hub security system via the Jeweller — two-way radio protocol, at a distance of up to 1300 m. And informs the user with a green LED on the case about the command successful delivery. Jeweller protects the transmitted data with encryption and eliminates forgery of the device. In the event of interference or jamming, the Ajax system switches to free radio frequency. The button connects to the Hub security control panel when scanning the QR code via the Ajax application. The device is fixed on a surface through fastening of Holder, without disassembly of the case. A few minutes and the button is ready to go.

Effortless Automation

Another essential function of the button is to control the room's elements. It's the same alarm button that allows you to easily manage your home, turning routine actions into quick tasks solutions. Automation scenarios are launched with one or two clicks. The wireless control button will allow the user to turn off the light with one click, turn on appliances, lower and raise the shutters, and open the gates.

No False Alarms

Thanks to the well-thought-out design, only a deliberate push of a button is possible. Ajax Button will not work, even if you sit on it or lie down. For additional protection against false alarms, the button can be set to double or long-press. You can set this protection in the Ajax application in the button settings (Devices → Button → Settings). The device is wear-resistant and works from one CR2032 battery for up to five years (the battery is pre-installed).
Attention! This product is designed for international markets and is not compatible with US / CA regulations.

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