MikroTik Accessories

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Hot Swap Fan for CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ
7 pcs in stock
MikroTik 2.4GHz Dipole Outdoor Antenna
25 pcs in stock
MikroTik ACGPSA GPS Antenna with Cable 5m
24 pcs in stock
MikroTik GESP
74 pcs in stock
Mikrotik GESP+POE-IN
44 pcs in stock
MikroTik GPEN11
50 pcs in stock
MikroTik GPEN21
9 pcs in stock
MikroTik GPeR
66 pcs in stock
MikroTik MQS
25 pcs in stock
174 pcs in stock
MikroTik RBPOE
2855 pcs in stock
MikroTik Woobm
14 pcs in stock
K-55 Screw Set
1000 pcs in stock

Buyers Info

Looking for accessories for your MikroTik products?

GETIC is bringing you the best MikroTik's accessories. If you already have a MikroTik product, or you just picked one up from our store, you might want to have a look at our variety of MikroTik product accessories. As the product range is always expanding, we're constantly looking for new products and accessories to find the best ones worth your time and investment. Therefore, ranging from feature-packed outdoor antennas to PoE adapters, there are products in this catalog that can instantly improve your workflow at home or work.

Want to extend or upgrade your network infrastructure?

These accessories are tailored to perfectly complement MikroTik’s product range. Looking for a way to improve your cabling setup? Mikrotik’s passive internet repeater will let you extend your Ethernet cable by an additional hop. MikroTik’s GESP is an Ethernet surge protector, and it’s a perfect addition to your network if you’re looking to protect your antennas from lightning. It comes in a waterproof enclosure, so it can be easily fixed outdoors. Here in GETIC, we have many more MikroTik accessories ready to improve and protect your valuable equipment, all at very competitive prices.